We’ll teach your child how to read…
2 minutes at a time!


Hi there, I’m Lauren
at kickstart reading!

Think of us like a personal reading tutor for your child.
We’re NOT overstimulating.  
We’re NOT a video game.  
We only do ONE thing:  
teach your child how to read.

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What reading skills will your child learn?

Here’s a quick video explanation

Watch Victoria, 4 make mom proud!
Watch Brody, 5 read a sentence!

What parents are saying:

“Katherine, is full on reading now.  I credit you, Lauren!”
Stacy, Mom to 4-year-old Katherine

What parents are saying:

“Kylee LOVES these videos.  She watched them for 45 minutes straight!  She gets sooo excited when she gets a word right.”

Mandie, Mom to 5-year-old Kylee

Dads love it too!

“As a first-time parent, these videos gave me a simple way to teach Ethan how to read.  It’s really empowering and a great way to bond with your kid.”

–Rob, Dad to 5-year-old Ethan

Who is this for?

Children ages 3-6 who are

  • Getting ready to read
  • Learning how to read
  • Need some extra reading practice
What do I get?
  • 40 quick video lessons (new content added every month!)
  • Learn sight words, color words, sentences, & more!
  • A simple program that teaches your child how to read
Who is the teacher?

Hi there, I’m Lauren!
I’ve been a teacher and private tutor for 15 years in:

  • preschool
  • kindergarten – 3rd grade
  • special education

I also help children with: 

  • autism
  • dyslexia
  • learning disabilities

I have a B.S. in inclusive elementary and special education from Syracuse University.

I love watching my students learn, gain confidence, and develop a passion for reading!

What keeps me busiest is being a mom to my two boys, Brody, 5 and Jake 3.

Give your child a head start.


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